Is it possible to create beautiful clothing that doesn’t imperil the air quality? Limiting the damage from climate change requires cutting net greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050. But it isn’t just the carbon emissions you need to worry about. Once the clothes have been worn, used and thrown away, the non-biodegradable fabric they’re made from can sit in landfills for up to two centuries.

“Paradox of Choice in Fashion Ecommerce” addresses how fashion ecommerce sites can use the psychology of choice to create a better, more enjoyable customer experience, and increase sales.

Everybody buys something, whether it’s sometimes or so often, it doesn’t matter. When we look at online shopping, as being an online shopper searching for the right product, one thing will always be a constant: Your life is a collection of countless conscious and unconscious decisions made day after day. And these decisions play a major role to save or waste your time or money.

“Unprecedented.” That’s the word we keep hearing for the level of disruption that COVID19 has brought to our economy and our social lives. Echoes of responsible shopping, repeating and saying no to fast fashion products have resonated on television and media. Considering that fashion is one of the biggest polluting industries, here are the key commandments to navigate the post-pandemic world with caution, responsibility and without sacrificing style.

It’s well documented that too much choice – ‘overchoice’, ‘choice paralysis’, ‘paradox of choice’, whatever you want to call it – rather than help people, causes a whole host of problems including a ton of anxiety and stress. When it comes to shopping online this ‘overchoice’ is just getting worse and worse.

If your small business is on the fast track to becoming a big business, you may have already found that keeping up with your inventory is a challenge. But you have never backed down from bumps in the road, and you do not plan to start now. With the following tips, you can keep your inventory straight and your profits headed skyward.

Physical presence in the moment may always not match with your mental state. You have to make an especially intentional effort on these transitions when you work from home because you do not have the natural change of context cues in context of balance. Here are some of the ways to be less distracted and more present whether you are working or enjoying personal time.

The existence of decision fatigue is not a new thing. It was existed long before from online shopping, travel to insurance. The decisions we have to make now are way too many, and each with high stakes. Decision fatigue is a part of our lives and it will go on to be a part of our lives constantly, but the question is how to ease the pain.

Covid-19 is shaking the global economy and presenting employers with unprecedented challenges. Things are so unpredictable for the majority of companies, especially for small and medium sized enterprises in terms of their financial resources and workforce they own. It’s even worse for companies who have been mostly operational on-site.

The quick and easy version of how to work at home when you’ve never done it before. 7 quick tips to help your transition to work from home remotely and be a productive remote employee.