Don’t Lay Off, Just Ask for Help

Covid-19 is shaking the global economy and presenting employers with unprecedented challenges. Things are so unpredictable for the majority of companies, especially for small and medium sized enterprises in terms of their financial resources and workforce they own. It’s even worse for companies who have been mostly operational on-site.

7 Tips to Start Successfully Work from Home

The quick and easy version of how to work at home when you’ve never done it before. 7 quick tips to help your transition to work from home remotely and be a productive remote employee.

Is Online Marketplace Same as E-Commerce Website?

It is very easy today to list yourself as a seller on Amazon marketplace by being a part of a larger ecosystem or open your own e-commerce website on Shopify. But they clearly are very different platforms from each other.

In this article, we will briefly explain the difference between them and share customer insights about the future of e-commerce industry.

35 Amazing Ecommerce Statistics

Online shopping and eCommerce is a multi billion dollar industry and is expected to grow by 8 to 12% in the next few years; suggesting that sales in the United States alone will fall between $427 billion and $443 billion.

5 Pain Problems with Payment Gateways in Ecommerce

For most ecommerce sellers/vendors, payment gateways are seen as a necessary evil to deal with. Surely, they help you accept payments from your customers, but they’re not at the top of your list of organizations you like working with. They’ve developed a reputation of being sleazy, money-grubbing middlemen that take advantage of sellers from small, medium to large size.

5 Tips to Listen Before Shopping Online

The market share of online retail store will continue to rise. Now that the entire world is moving to online sales, you are bound to spend a significant amount of your shopping budget, online. Here I have five tips from a marketer’s perspective that make your online shopping experience even better.