Connect with fashion shoppers anytime, anywhere.


Connect with fashion shoppers anytime, anywhere.

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Get access to the #1 fashion search technology.

The fastest, easiest and safest way to help your customers search and find what they want in fashion.

VidaMonti offers its advanced fashion search technology to individuals and fashion businesses for use on their websites with two services, VidaMonti Web Search (FREE) and VidaMonti Site Search (PAID).

Features of VidaMonti Search services

Advanced search technology

  • VidaMonti delivers the most relevant results quickly and easily based on user’s personal requirements.
  • An extensive index that covers global fashion on the web.
  • Frequent and periodic crawl updates to keep search results current.
  • Multiple ecommerce platform formations to enable searching for a broad discoverability.

Seamless fashion search experience

  • A clean, user-friendly interface design for enhanced ease of use.
  • Faster search results that save time and money.
  • No spam, alteration and bias on search results.
  • Easy and fun search experience with a single click.
  • No use of product filters when performing search.

Top quality products and services

  • VidaMonti is a service, not a software package. We offer only service-based products.
  • Fast implementation gets you up and running fast.
  • Full customization options is available.
  • Log reports and analytics that detail the search activity.
  • Proven reliability and 24×7 support coverage.

Explore VidaMonti Search service solutions

Choose a VidaMonti Search service and see how we can help to grow your fashion business.

VidaMonti Web Search is a no-cost way to provide the highest quality web-wide fashion search capabilities directly from any website.

VidaMonti Site Search provides site-specific fashion search capabilities to help customers quickly and easily locate products and information contained on a specific website.

Both VidaMonti Search services offer the similar AI-powered next generation fashion search technology that powers VidaMonti’s public fashion search destination, and its services delivering the top quality results with every search query.